Arduino unit testing

Abbiamo già introdotto alcune tecnologie accessorie intorno al C++ e ad Arduino. Tra le evoluzioni più interessanti di cui vogliamo parlare oggi, c’è ne sono alcune che potremo sfruttare per Arduino, ed altre che sono meri spunti di riflessione. Andiamo ad iniziare!

April 0.2 Application Performance Framework

April (Application Performance Framework) is a super-light application framework based on Spring, featuring: An Aspect Oriennted Programing Performance Monitor, which try to increase performance on the fly A super-light XML-RPC communication framework April first commitment is “be lite, be pluggable” and do not re-invent the wheel. I am happy to describe here how it works …

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Dynamic languages troubles

I have read and I think it is very danger way of exposing concepts.

In the article pointed out, the quite dead Chandler project is compared to the multi-billion Eclipse project. And then a too easy analysis is done against dynamic languages, where Java is the absolute winner.

I will try to fix some of the things said there, and to add also my two cents here :)