Git is an open-source DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) with an emphasis on speed.
Git was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development.

Git History Squash for fun and profit

Suppose you are developing a boring Jenkins pipline (like Jenkinsfile-s) with no time at all. You are forced to commit and then run the jenkins pipeline. Jenkins download the code from your LOCAL repository. To avoid commit& push roundtrip you are using the simple git daemon command to expose your local repository to jenkins. So …

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And Microsoft Buys GitHub

An year ago, we discovered MSWindows was developed on Git as revision control System On this week, Microsoft decided to buy GitHub. I suppose they had a tons on projects on GitHub platform already! By the way, GitLab (the first competitor) now offers the Enterprise edition to open source project….

Get rid of SVN under Windows

Another subversion repository Wellcome in 2002 subversion users! Some very old and stable customers has just discovered Subversion. Bad luck: a lot of cool  open source software are on git already! You can leave them with the old-as-your-grandpa subversion system, but you can develop with git in your local directory… Migrating from SVN to git under …

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Rebar poor proxy git fixer

Sometimes you are behind a http proxy, and the git:// protocol is not accessible. For instance on erlang rebar, all developers  prefer the git:// protocol when listing dependency. But how to fix it if you are behind a http proxy? Ask help to git… [bash] git config –global url. git:// [/bash] Credits:

Book Review: Git: Version Control for Everyone

I am very happy to announce the availability of “Git: Version Control for Everyone” book, written by Ravishankar Somasundaram I was involved as Book reviewer by the publisher, Packt Publishing. The book is very easy to read, and it is ideal if you need a soft&sharp introduction to Git.   I was very pleased to work with Packt …

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cvs2svn: cvs2git Documentation

cvs2svn/cvs2git is a tool that can be used to migrate CVS repositories to newer version control tools, including git. git is a distributed version control system most famous for being used for Linux kernel development. The program used to convert to git, called cvs2git, is distributed as part of the cvs2svn project. via cvs2svn: cvs2git …

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I hate XML, but now less then before thanks to SimpleXMLParser

I admit it: I hate xml square brackets dancing orgy, even in Java. Anyway, all is xml-ized around me. So in 2006 I developed a small XML parser based on SAX. It was a shitty dirty code for JDK 1.4 which let you parse xml stuff defining a method and forgetting about selectors, XPath,  XWing, Tie …

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Javascript and Smalltalk

There is a future for SmallTalk? I was a very strong fan of the SmallTalk language, but in the last five years I have seen more and more contraction of its usage in the IT field. The OLPC project, which uses also Squeak Smalltalk and its done by the core team fo Squeak, is not …

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Telecom troubles

[AGGIORNAMENTO: Le dimissioni di Provera meritano una riflessione piu' approfondita che faro' a "bocce ferme". Mentre gli eventi evolvono, vi consiglio l'articolo di Turani uscito il 16 settembre su Repubblica] La decisione di Tronchetti Provera di scorporare nuovamente Tim da Telecom italia ha generato un'infuocata polemica in Italia. Vediamo di capire le posizioni, andando oltre la propaganda.
Tronchetti Provera ha deciso di scorporare Tim da Telecom. Questa azione pare orientata trasformare Telecom in una "media company" e palesa l'intenzione di usare ricavere del denaro da questa operazione. E' quindi abbastanza probabile che almeno una parte di Tim verra' ceduta: si vocifera di accordi con aree vicine alla TV satellitare, ma sono solo illazioni al momento.