Get rid of SVN under Windows

Another subversion repository

Wellcome in 2002 subversion users!

Some very old and stable customers has just discovered Subversion.
Bad luck: a lot of cool  open source software are on git already!

You can leave them with the old-as-your-grandpa subversion system, but you can develop with git in your local directory…

Migrating from SVN to git under windows

If you are using windows svn you must do a trick to migrate proxy settings from svn to git

Native svn.exe uses the file like  C:\Users\MYUSER\AppData\Roaming\Subversion\servers,

but git-svn uses  ~/.subversion/servers

which can be at different location.

Copying “servers” file in the ~/.subversion/servers will fix your troubles.

Then if you do not need the entrire history, you can use the “-r” option of git svn clone….

[bash]git svn clone –username=myusername -r 9596  htttps://mysvnwebdafz/ [/bash]