Percorso Formativo Completo

(Updated on 2014,2018) Programma suggerito del percorso formativo: Object Oriented Programming (OOP) & Java Hollywood Principle, “don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Struts 1.2 e succ Hibernate, speed intro. Consulenza Articolo: Customers Don’t Know What They Want. Stop Expecting Customers to Know What They Want. Design Patterns e modellazione CRC Cards Wikipedia definition ToolBox as …

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Ajax, Flex, JavaFX & Silverlight

Il tre luglio ho avuto modo di partecipare al “JavaFX Circle Meeting” organizzato dal JUG. Durante l’evento è stato anche svelato il mistero del logo usato dal meeting :) I relatori dell’incontro sono stati Lorenzo Sicilia e Marcello Teodori, che sono stati molto chiari ed esaustivi  nella loro esposizione.

Javascript and Smalltalk

There is a future for SmallTalk? I was a very strong fan of the SmallTalk language, but in the last five years I have seen more and more contraction of its usage in the IT field. The OLPC project, which uses also Squeak Smalltalk and its done by the core team fo Squeak, is not …

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Site Update: Happy new editor!

(First published on 2007-01-20) Hi all, ObjectsRoot now has correct story ordering ontags view! I am happy to announce I have just installed tinymce on my site. TinyMCE is a very nice javascript editor, also used in Drupal. What makes tinymce very nice in my humble own opinion, is its easy installation. You do not need …

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