Power Start

After some tweaks, we changed a bit of things on in Winter 2019 First of all, we moved Gioorgi to a powerful server at the end of 2018, tuning it during the autumn. An Apache Solr server was added to get better search results, with indexed stuff. Quality We decided to reorganize the major …

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Redis + Ruby + Your Code = Code Zauker!

When Google Code was shut down, I have the lucky to read this article on how it worked. The article give you a bunch of Google-Go code. Because Go-language is too small and unusual for my brain, I took the idea and reimplemented it using Ruby and Redis. And because my nickname is Daitangio, I decided …

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Gioorgi New Look

At, after some  thoughts  we decided change the site look & feel to take full advantage of the new WordPress 3. Although the two-column layout is always the central + lateral was considered better to read, it was  stealing too much space to listings prevented attach images. For this reason we switched to new theme, with …

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Twitter On Gioorgi!

We have just enabled the Twitter -Gioorgi integration, so you can keep following us also via twitter! With also mobile (iphone-like) integration, you can follow us easily!

About the Gioorgi KnowledgeBase

The’s Knowledge Base is a new service provided to readers. The Knowledge base arranges tips & tricks scattered on the web, and based on the Giovanni Giorgi’s  IT consulting experience. The information are mostly based on open source technology, but also commercial products are described. Albeit knowledge base born as a small random “basket …

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Gioorgi’s Winter News

Come sapete, Giovanni Giorgi si sposerà questio aprile. Per questa ragione,  durante la primavera gli aggiornamenti previsti per riguarderanno soprattutto articoli preparati in anticipo, oppure aggiornamenti al viaggio di nozze. Nonostante i molti impegni, siamo lieti di annunciare molte novità, che speriamo di vostro gradimento.

Powered Searches

We are happy to announce we have powered our searche engine, after importing blog articles. Now you can use boolean operator like “AND”, to do complex searches. The search service is lucene-compatible at syntax level: feel free to play a bit with it… you can find funny things from the past… :) migrated to Gioorgi / migrato su

English Announce: We are happy to announce all the content of has been migrated to was  discontinued on August 2008 A total of over 80 articles written from july of 1999 to August 2008.For easy access use the Category   Annuncio in Italiano:   La redazione di è lieta di annunciare la migragione … migrated to Gioorgi / migrato su Read More »