Gioorgi IT Observer

Every Year, Giovanni consider some “trends”  based on his consultant experience. This trends have been gathered in the last six months, and are printed  at regular basis. This thoughts  are note merely “preference”, but are strong opinions based on IT firms products, cleared by buzz-words and soap-opera-like scoop (like “Wired”  bad ideas are :). CMS …

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Second life: finalmente è morta l’idea che fosse trendy

A non siamo avvezzi a credere a tutto quello che dice la stampa. Per parecchio tempo, il fenomeno “Second Life” ha imperversato sui media: sembrava che se tu non avessi un avatar, un negozio virtuale, un’ “isola politica” o un’attività piazzata su second life saresti stato etichettato come “sfigato digitale”. In questi giorni è …

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Network computer: revisited

The Network Computer was a bad idea born in the middle of the ’90, and ended up to be completly wrong. Anyway, the current software tecnologhy (like AJAX, Google Gears, the psedo-new-ms-windows os called midori) can be helpuful to sketch a new idea of operating system. The network computer fails because it pretends to store …

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Software Trends1

Software trends is a new set of small article I will write. In this small pices I will sketch out the trends of the Software Industry related to web developmenet. Let's give a look at the October 2006