Come evitare iniezioni SQL lato DB in SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL

 Come evitare iniezione SQL: lato SQL Server (SP_EXECUTESQL) In generale va evitato nel modo più assoluto la scrittura di query sql diamiche. Va evitato cioè  l’uso lato SQL Server di sp_executesql e EXEC Di seguito mostriamo come trasformare una query “dinamica” in una “statica”   CREATE PROCEDURE search_orders @custid nchar(5) = NULL, @shipname nvarchar(40) = …

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Mailing List Options

If you need to set up a mailing list, I will suggest two choices: An open source email campaign manager, with an hosted option The Free account has an unlimited number of contacts,  but a 300 message per month limit. Commercial hosted solution. Very nice site, with a strong appeal. Free Up to …

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A very good hosting provider

After my past experience with bad hosting provider, I am happy to say I have find a very good hosting service. If you need VPS hosting, Rimuhosting is a very good choice. After about two years with Rimuhosting, I can summarize their feature here: They have a very good  entry-price for a virtual hosting System …

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Dynamic languages troubles

I have read and I think it is very danger way of exposing concepts.

In the article pointed out, the quite dead Chandler project is compared to the multi-billion Eclipse project. And then a too easy analysis is done against dynamic languages, where Java is the absolute winner.

I will try to fix some of the things said there, and to add also my two cents here :)

Will Zend slash rubyonrails?

Let the Zend Framework introduce itself as a Borg would do:  "Hi dear RubyOnRails. Hi all. I am the Zend Framework, a small work (about  5 tons of code) done by IBM and Zend to destroy you. You think php is not able to build big project?… do you? So you have dared to develop …

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Software Trends1

Software trends is a new set of small article I will write. In this small pices I will sketch out the trends of the Software Industry related to web developmenet. Let's give a look at the October 2006