A very good hosting provider

After my past experience with bad hosting provider, I am happy to say I have find a very good hosting service.
If you need VPS hosting, Rimuhosting is a very good choice.

After about two years with Rimuhosting, I can summarize their feature here:

  • They have a very good  entry-price for a virtual hosting
  • System aministrator has a very prompt response: on every issue I get support in 24 hours, also on Sunday
  • Rimuhosting uses a Xen virtualization mechanism which is very effective. I have tried other virtualized solution, which are worst.
  • Java hosting works well, without problems.
  • The default Bandwith is very huge (30GB). There is also  an automatic backup and a remote web-based shell out-of-the-box.
  • You can choose between high-end Linux distribution  (like Red Hat enterprise) and free one.