On these days I decided to tune a bit my new shiny linux server box. I started to set up fail2ban. I think fail2ban is very imporant nowadays because it is a good example of a tool for slowing down attacks without closing your server too much. Fail2ban is a daemon: it wll monitor your …

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Docker & containers: uso ideale

Docker is a tool that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that can run on any Linux server. This helps enable flexibility and portability on where the application can run, whether on premises, public cloud, private cloud, bare metal, etc. Da Docker e la “containerizzazione” sono l’evoluzione di due tecnologie molto “antiche”:

Debian perfect work environment

Working in a big company, my work laptop came with MS-Windows7 Enterprise installed. But as you imagine, Unix is my preferred desktop environment. So let’s how to configure a perfect Debian Linux for a old wolf consultant like me. You will be able to install commercial software mubmo jumbo like Oracle Express and IBM Websphere …

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Server NUC Compatto per meno di 260€

La Intel ha commercializzato da poco i NUC, (Next Unit of Computing): si trattà di unità compatte dalle dimensioni di un palmo, con doppia uscite HDMI e diverse categorie di processori Intel. Sono ottimi come media server, ma è possibile anche usarli come server, come vedremo

Fare il cloud da zero: cloudStorm

A ci siamo già occupati di argomenti prettamente sistemistici come la virtualizzazione di ambienti Unix. Visto il successo del Cloud Computing, abbiamo pensato di tornare sull’argomento. In questo articolo mostrerò come creare insieme di macchine configurate in modo omogeno, con il minor effort sistemistico possibile. Si tratta di un primo esercizio molto semplice. Seguiteci…

MeeGo avrà più successo del Symbian?

C’è stato poco tempo fa il Mobile World Congress di Barcellona. Vista la vicinanza con il rilascio di iPad, e l’aggressività di Apple (che sositene essere un forte competitor Mobile), vale la pena fare qualche rilfessione. Tra le tante presentazioni fatte, mertiano una citazione Windows Mobile 7 e MeeGo. Con Windows Mobile Microsoft punta fare …

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Managing Cluster of Unix Machines Part3: Speed setup

Setting up a bunch of Linux machines is easier now, thank to company like At we have the need to setup a tiny box with PHP Mysql and a bunch of unix utilities, to automate common tasks. We took one of the TurnKey iso, and then we customized it via the apt-* utilities. …

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Mastering clusters of Unix machines part2: the right tools

After working with unix for years, we noticed it is difficult to get a very uniform approach to unix management. Often different Linux distributions share very little, configuration is different every time. Worst, some good unix tools (like cron, syslog, etc) can be used in a distributed environment, but are very difficult to configure, very …

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Mastering clusters of Unix machines part1: the right VM

One day, we have the need to create a fast cluster of linux machine, specialized and easy to segragate in different networks (for better security). We need web servers, integration servers (running java hudson), huge developer machines (running for instance eclispe) and so on. It was not easy to find a good environment. This research …

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WebDAV versus Sshfs

At we evaluted a internet file system common gateway for connecting network resources. We compared two solutions: a webdav file system and an ssh-fs file system. The solution should be viable via MacOSX and Linux, but also Windows support will be a plus. WebDAV Samba and NFS are for sure more fast and reliable, …

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A very good hosting provider

After my past experience with bad hosting provider, I am happy to say I have find a very good hosting service. If you need VPS hosting, Rimuhosting is a very good choice. After about two years with Rimuhosting, I can summarize their feature here: They have a very good  entry-price for a virtual hosting System …

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