SQLite Oracle Compatibility Layer

It aims to provide a minimal compatibility with Oracle. The need was having some regular expression functions, and I do not like to work with risky C code, like this university project did

Italian Accent Oracle fix

In Italian language we have accent words like àèéìòù They are quite important because for instance “is” is spelled è whereas “and” is spelled e Accent are bad guys even today: if you copy them from MS-Word inside an Oracle sql script you can end up with different UTF-8 values. Also the accent are likely …

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Oracle SQL Developer Keep Alive plugin

On some environment, on some customers, Oracle connections are drop after some idle time (i.e. 2 minutes). I have found a small plugin for Sql Developer to solve this issue: it is very handy and logs its usage. Code is also very clean keepalive extension for Oracle SQL Developer 4+ forks.80 stars.9 open issues.Recent commits: Fix …

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ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column

Okey, you know Oracle. A very good database, a very old database, a very solid rock. Not famous for its error messages. I have already stumbled upon a misleading error on the old rock. This error anyway is incredible. If you try to push a very long text in a varchar2, you can end up with …

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Debian perfect work environment

Working in a big company, my work laptop came with MS-Windows7 Enterprise installed. But as you imagine, Unix is my preferred desktop environment. So let’s how to configure a perfect Debian Linux for a old wolf consultant like me. You will be able to install commercial software mubmo jumbo like Oracle Express and IBM Websphere …

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Oracle Invalid number ORA-01722

I stumbled upon a very brain-f**k error on Oracle 10g on these days. Context: the following query [sql]SELECT * FROM ( SELECT TO_NUMBER(CUSTOMER_ID) AS SNDG FROM BAD_CODES_TABLE WHERE AND I_LIKE=UPPER(‘STATIC_CONDITION’) AND CUSTOMER_ID NOT LIKE ‘%P%’ ) S WHERE TO_NUMBER(S.SNDG) >2000[/sql] could trigger a Invalid number if CUSTOMER_ID column contains invalid numbers. Why? Well…if you ask …

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Twitter il gradasso

C’è una cosa fantastica di Internet: se qualsiasi società prova a fare la furba, inserendo delle righe scritte in piccolo quando revisiona la sua API da 1.0 a 1.1, state certi che ci sarà  almeno una persona che si leggerà tutto, troverà la fregatura e sputtanerà la summenzionata società. E’ quello che è successo con …

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