La lenta fine del web gratis (flash news)

Due notizie degne di nota degli ultimi giorni: Twitter tenta di avviare una versione a pagamento del suo software, chiamato Twitter Blue. Al momento questa funzionalità sembra abbastanza inutile, a meno che cambiare colore ai tasti non ritenete che valga il costo dell’abbonamento. Ma è probabile che nuove funzionalità verranno aggiunte in seguito. Google rende …

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Simple Html debug via CSS

Add the following css lines to your CSS theme, possibly at the end div::before { content:” C:” attr(class) “” } *::before,*::after { color:red; font-weight:100; font-size:1.0em } and div classes will showup easily. Very handly while customizing WoooordPress :) This page show a demo.

When less is less: google code dead

When Steve Jobs given some suggestions to Google, I fear he was still upset for the Android-carbon-copy of the iPhone. Because Jobs suggested Google to focus on a small subset of product (no more then five) and Google did it. And google started killing a lot of lab projects. Google Code Search was one of this …

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How to display an animation during page loading

Old web site requires sometimes to show a big “Loading…” gif in the front of the page. It is not trivial to do it, especially if you have already plenty of jQuery forms developed, with complex form submission, and half the site in an ajax form. A small solution of this problem is to use …

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Explorer Canvas

Volete utilizzare il tag canvas di html5 anche su IE6 ed IE8? Google ha la soluzione… Modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera support the HTML5 canvas tag to allow 2D command-based drawing. ExplorerCanvas brings the same functionality to Internet Explorer. To use, web developers only need to include a single script tag in …

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Web2Py Absolute trouble Shooter

Do you want develop web applications in a fast, prototype based way using Python? Follow us and learn how to use web2py…. Step 1: Python 2.6 proper setup On Linux be sure to install sqlite development library; the following command will help on RedHat: sudo apt-get install sqlite-devel for the yum variant see here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/233320/cannot-import-sqlite-with-python-2-6 Install …

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Web Testing Tools

Testing is important. Testing web interfaces is difficult, and often your consultant company prefer to suggest you a manual-based testing. But is it so difficult to do automatic web testing using open source software? Let’s give a look to two nice web testing software Warning: this article is still in progress: it has been published …

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Changing orientation via a stylesheet

This magic CSS code is able to change the orientation of the printed page: @page port {size: portrait;} @page land {size: landscape;} .portrait {page: port;} .landscape {page: land;} For more information, take a look to the CSS Print Profile specification I thinked it was not possible to define printing orientation via a simple CSS! A …

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Web2Py: a python web framework we like

At Gioorgi.com we have used plenty of web frameworks. Giovanni Giorgi used Seaside,  a lot of PHP frameworks, Java Struts, RubyOnRails, and Python Django. We have started to look for Web2Py, a compact,  easy to learn  python web framework. From the most notable feature, it runs also on Google App Engine. Written by an Italian …

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Java HttpClient and Load Balancer bad interactions

Working for a very big customer, I found a very nasty interaction between Sun HttpClient (JDK 1.4) and Http  Load Balancers. In a complex network environment, sometimes you can experience low level TCP/IP comunication errors, because sometimes HttpClient get confused and hangs. The bad behavior of Sun HttpClient is well known: some guys suggested me …

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