ErZauker Revenge!

After a bunch of time, I take back my Erlang Hammer from the sand of time. The result is ErZauker v0.0.2 the first pure-Erlang implementation of a code indexer. Er Zauker is a tiny but speedy search engine tailoring code searches. Zauker is backed by REDIS, the fastest RAM-based NoSQL engine you have never seen. The code get …

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Code Zauker 0.0.6 & 7 Double hit!

And so you was waiting for news? Nice to impress you: I was able to shot two code zauker versions in less than a month! Code Zauker, the yet-another-google-code-indexer  based on redis is happy to impress you with new features: Better web interface Powerful multi-processor indexer (mczindexer) Better documentation on the readme on github,  con ready-to-use …

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Help Daitan find a Sql solution for codezauker

In my code ramblings during the developement of Code Zauker, I ended up studing a bit NoSql  database. Code zauker started using Redis, because Redis is a very bold memory-based no-sql db. Redis also support complex data type like sorted set, lists and so on, which was very userful. Anyway I needed a very fast …

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Code Zauker v0.0.3 is OUT

Are you ready for the news? Code Zauker v0.0.3 is OUT! The new version spots Case insensive indexing and searching, at a blazing fast speed. UTF-8 compliant indexing. Best if your code is on another encoding, code zauker try to “guess” the right one and fix it. Richer czsearch options, like the following


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Redis + Ruby + Your Code = Code Zauker!

When Google Code was shut down, I have the lucky to read this article on how it worked. The article give you a bunch of Google-Go code. Because Go-language is too small and unusual for my brain, I took the idea and reimplemented it using Ruby and Redis. And because my nickname is Daitangio, I decided …

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When less is less: google code dead

When Steve Jobs given some suggestions to Google, I fear he was still upset for the Android-carbon-copy of the iPhone. Because Jobs suggested Google to focus on a small subset of product (no more then five) and Google did it. And google started killing a lot of lab projects. Google Code Search was one of this …

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