Code Zauker v0.0.3 is OUT

Are you ready for the news?

Code Zauker v0.0.3 is OUT!

The new version spots

  • Case insensive indexing and searching, at a blazing fast speed.
  • UTF-8 compliant indexing. Best if your code is on another encoding, code zauker try to “guess” the right one and fix it.
  • Richer czsearch options, like the following
$ruby -Ilib bin/czsearch -h
Usage: czsearch [options] [term1] [term2]...
    -i, --ignore-case                ignore case distinctions
    -B, --before-context NUM         print NUM lines of leading context
    -A, --after-context NUM          print NUM lines of trailing context
    -C, --context NUM                print NUM lines of output context
    -X, --exclude FILE_PATTERN       Exclude files that match FILE_PATTERN (as ruby regexp). Case insensitive
    -h, --help                       Display this screen
Options are grep-like
czsearch ciao Koros
 Will search Koros OR ciao
czsearch -i gnu
 Will match also GNU and Gnu
czsearch  -X .orig -X .bak -X .java  html:select
 Will skip java and backup file


Take a look at the code on github.

And as usual, you can find the Gem on rubygems.

What do you want next? Open a Github issue with “Feature Request” as label, and let me know what do you think.

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