Next.js: Give it a Try!

I was trying to explore a way to build a client/server application in Typescript; after some failed experiments, I found something better: Next.js offer the ability to build a React application and to render server-side its dynamic components.

So you can have the best of the two words: static pre-rendered pages pushed to the browser, and server side components (for doing your overwhelming BORING queries you know :)

I have created a special branch on a side project, just to play with the tutorial and get a Next.js+TypeScript+Docker server side application.

I was impressed by the high quality of the tutorial (it takes care of teaching you a bit of ReactJS too!) and by the speed of the build.

Also the proposed Dockerfile is quite high quality, with a 3-layer build and insights on using node_modules caches.

Also, there are plenty of example with very interesting integrations on the next.js example directory