The ARC for Memory Management

Archimedes (287 BC) said “give me a place to stand and I will move the earth”. Apple, after decades of lack of decent garbage collection to Objective-C, seems to say “I will give an ARC to exit to the dark hand-made memory allocation”. Let’see how.

Site redesign

This article has been retained for hisorical reasons. In this article we refers to a site discontinued on August 2008 After some time, I have decided to start redesigning the content and the look of I have slightly reduced the tags section, over-simplifying the access to my huge set of articles. With over …

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Italy 2008’s Election

Updated on April 15th: Berlusconi wins [First Published on 23th of March] If you like to have a view of Italy, I am writing a set of article on the Italy's 2008 Election.I have written it in italian, but the final thoughts will be in English.

Dynamic languages troubles

I have read and I think it is very danger way of exposing concepts.

In the article pointed out, the quite dead Chandler project is compared to the multi-billion Eclipse project. And then a too easy analysis is done against dynamic languages, where Java is the absolute winner.

I will try to fix some of the things said there, and to add also my two cents here :)