Power Start

After some tweaks, we changed a bit of things on Gioorgi.com in Winter 2019

  1. First of all, we moved Gioorgi to a powerful server at the end of 2018, tuning it during the autumn.
  2. An Apache Solr server was added to get better search results, with indexed stuff.
  3. Quality
    We decided to reorganize the major theme, moving away from Magazine lite and trying Astra, which is higly customizable.
    We reorganized content to use only categories and menu, dropping the Series plugin we used for a long time.
    NEW Editing Policy
    Our article will be edited after a short time, to fix typo and adapt to comments and so on. 
  4. We set up a monitoring system and discovered JetPack slow down a lot WordPress.
    So we decided to move away from it, replacing with some ad hoc plugin for related pages and so on.
    By the way the new monitoring system is powered by Apache Kafka, and it is our implementation backbone for internal analytics.
  5. Removing JetPack forced us to rethink things like:
    1. Twitter streaming become more important then the other socials.
    2. Related posts was re-organized via a more plastic plugin, getting better control over the content and the discovery process
    3. JetPack analytics was replaced with old evil Google Analytic

Last but not least, no advertisement on front page!