The Project Manager

Steve is not a normal solution provider.
Steve is the final destination for Project Management troubles.

Let’s see how Steve can solve problems

The Ten Steve Rules

  1. If you have a customer you can get my attention
  2. If your project is run out of time and you need to finish the product yesterday, you will face a disaster. Call me
  3. Cannabis programming is too light
  4. You cannot offer a Lunch to Steve, unless you have four ticket resturants and at least one more for you
  5. Are you saying you need more time to finishing the use case? These are details. If you cannot get it in the required time, I will fire you (Loading a gun): in the real sense.
  6. Peace and calm are an useless evil.
  7. True Metal Hackerz get the work done in less time then you
  8. Linux has a a cold bird as Logo. This is enought to kick it off the project.
  9. I prefer Illy over Java, sorry
  10. There isn’t a tenth rule