iPhone success is hard

iPhone is a very nice project, well designed and manufactered, but the market addressed is an hard bet for Apple.Big players are already on the ground: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony for instance. So it is difficult to play in such market, and some analysts said  "the touch screen was not successful for GSM/phone products". The …

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oracle mass table drop

Sometimes I need to build a small script to delete a huge set of tables of a schema. In Oracle is easy to do it, using the meta tables "all_tables", "all_views", and "all_sequences": select  'drop table ' || table_name || ' cascade constraints;'    from all_tables where owner='protoss' and  table_name not like 'BIN%';select  'drop view …

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Jonny Jella podcast

Come disse un famoso giudice "Il fatto che non se ne parli, non vuol dire che il pizzo sulle arachidi non esista". Per cui, nel giorno del mio trentatreesimo compleanno ho deciso di impegnarmi a fondo in uno scopo sociale e di denuncia.
Sono perciò lieto di presentare il

Jonny Jella Unlimited Podcast 

che fa pan-dan con le mie esibizioni su youtube ed arricchisce la saga del nascente Jonny.

Leggete la chiosa alla prima puntata e lasciate i vostri commenti! 

Blue Dragon: Spam Killer

Hi dear spammers! I have just finished tuning the latest version of my anti spam-blogging-software, and all the spam have been removed. I am glad to see you loosing your time tring to get some poor bucks from your bogous activity. I hope do you click on my google adverties sometimes, as true friends of …

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Stendere la Biancheria

Ciao cari singles.  Come avrete notato nella vostra eterna lotta tra il tornare da mamma' e andare a convivere dal partner, qualche volta si sta meglio per i fatti propri. Ma come fare a gestire la biancheria in questi casi? Ebbene il vostro mentore (cioè io) ha la soluzione.

Site Update: Happy new editor!

(First published on 2007-01-20) Hi all, ObjectsRoot now has correct story ordering ontags view! I am happy to announce I have just installed tinymce on my site. TinyMCE is a very nice javascript editor, also used in Drupal. What makes tinymce very nice in my humble own opinion, is its easy installation. You do not need …

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Vampata d’amore

I am very proud to present an Italian comedy called Vampata D'amore (Love's Flush) written by my cusin, Alessandro Bonvini. It is a "beautiful-like" comedy, very nice done indeed. This is the part 1 and here you can find the rest of the story Leave your comments below!