Apple as hardware only company

In the last year, "Apple Computer" has changed a bit its focus.

First of all, Apple has erased the  word "computer" in the company name.

Then,  has shifted its focus on new products like the iPhone.

iPhone is a GSM telephone, and so it is quite different product for a computer company.

I see a very huge and strong alliance within these players:

  • Apple (hardware part)
  • Disney (via the Pixar,Steve Jobs can ask some movies to Disney :)
  • Google/YouTube (media and "network computer" part) 
  • Sony: HD Video consumer/DVD standards and so on

Apple software part is true strong, but it will be difficult to hunt competitors if the company is busy building new hardware.

It'd be better to focus only on one thing.
MacOSX is a very innovative product, but its developement had become slower in the last nine months.

Leopard is not so innovative, and it is similar to Vista: a lot of GUI fetures, but little on the surface.
And last, Lepoard is still quite slow and sub-optimized, for being a full MacOSX release.