Mail Server on Docker (UPDATED)

Hosting your own email server is not a mandatory task; it increase your attack surface too. But relaying too much on big emails provider (Gmail, Outlook, Aruba, Fastmail) could be a risk for our democracy. For instance, who decide how Spam is managed (i.e. what could be a Spam email)? Can we trust big providers? Email …

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Pi-Hole: per la privacy a casa

Se vi dicessi che il 20% delle comunicazioni che il vostro smartphone attua per consentirvi di usare Whatupp o leggere il giornale è verso i server pubblicitari di google, facebook, amazon, come reagireste? Questo è un articolo divulgativo su uno strumento che è possibile installarsi a casa propria, per proteggere la propria rete Internet dalla …

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The Privacy Tax

In the 1980, privacy was a lot easier to acquire. Banks can harvest information on us, but the limited computer power was a big limiting factor to their analyzing dreams.  For years Banks have computed the best credit options (for them) to sell to customers. Now the problem is on privacy. Google Plex can crunch …

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Linkedin privacy simpatia

Dovete stare molto attenti alla vostra Privacy. Mi hanno fato notare che LinkedIn ha silenziosamente attivato un checkbox che consente di usare la vostra foto per…farsi pubblicità! Per disattivarlo, andate sulle impostazioni, cliccate su Account poi su “Gestisci Social Advertising” e poi deselezionate il box più sotto!

Is Diaspora a Failure? Tech Review

Abut Diasopra, we read from Ars Technica (underline is our): Diaspora emerged as a response to the privacy concerns raised by mainstream social networking services. The aim of Diaspora is to create an open source social network alternative with decentralized architecture, giving end users more control over their private information and how it is shared with …

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Why I am starting to avoid Facebook

Privacy is important: in the last days I have read the following on Slashdot: “A Facebook employee has given a tell-all interview with some very interesting things about Facebook's internals. Especially interesting are all the things relating to Facebook privacy. Basically, you don't have any. Nearly everything you’ve ever done on the site is recorded …

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Telecom troubles2

Telecom Troubles2: spia e fatti spiare. Le vicende che hanno al centro la Telecom, aumentano a vista d'occhio. Rimaniamo basiti mentre la magistratura indaga un notevole numero di persone. Ma chi vuole proteggere il decreto appena varato?...