Italy 2008’s Election

Updated on April 15th: Berlusconi wins [First Published on 23th of March] If you like to have a view of Italy, I am writing a set of article on the Italy's 2008 Election.I have written it in italian, but the final thoughts will be in English.

pezzent programming

Si fa un gran parlare di Extreme Programming? Ma se non volete fallire, su quali basi la vostra azienda deve veramente reggersi? In questo articolo vediamo un excursus sul Pezzent Programming, usato nella produzione industriale di Dolci

oracle mass table drop

Sometimes I need to build a small script to delete a huge set of tables of a schema. In Oracle is easy to do it, using the meta tables "all_tables", "all_views", and "all_sequences":

The "BIN%" table are special temp tables of oracle. On PostgreSQL, try use PG_TABLES meta-table Happy sqlizing!