Formazione: Modulo Java Basic

Modulo1: Java, algoritmi e strutture dati di base. Introduzione alle collezioni In particolare Map, TreeMap, ArrayList, Set, tutte del package java.util Classi: Arrays/Collections Eccezioni: Gerarchia delle eccezioni. Eccezioni: articolo illustrativo in Italiano Unicode e Internazionalizzazione Ottimo Articolo sull’Unicode e i character set in generale Introduzione alla API di internazionalizzazione Domande di verifica del Modulo1: Come …

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Introduction to Bug Tracking tools

At we will start a series of articles about bug tracking. As usual, our posts will be short, tight focused and open to comments and improvement. A software will be full of bugs at some point of its life, and every good developer/project manager must be ready to address these issue. Let’s see how …

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Asus EEE-PC better then Mac Air?

Finally I managed to buy a Asus EEE PC 700  this week. I would thanks a lot Next Store and its kindly clerks, which I will prefer in future to Mediaword :)If you are at Milan and you plan to buy it, Next Store is a good choice. There are a lot of sites and …

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iPhone programming

iPhone Open Application Development
 By Jonathan A. Zdziarski
 First Edition  March 2008
 Pages: 280
 ISBN 10: 0-596-51855-2 | ISBN 13: 9780596518554

Javascript and Smalltalk

There is a future for SmallTalk? I was a very strong fan of the SmallTalk language, but in the last five years I have seen more and more contraction of its usage in the IT field. The OLPC project, which uses also Squeak Smalltalk and its done by the core team fo Squeak, is not …

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