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Maven Survival Guide

 Hi Internet, I am Giovanni `Daitan` Giorgi (you can find my fingerprint from 1993 emails out of there) and I am a IT wizard. I can code Java EJBs with one hand, and build a cakephp-enabled application with the other, while saying … Continue reading
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Python 3 Survival Guide

Python 3 is here, and  we are all friends. Anyway, using it needs a bit of macumba-powers. Let’s acquire this power together…
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Erlang Book Review

After reading an interesting article on Erlang  and Java interoperability, I have decided to dedicate my spare time to Erlang. O’Reilly has just published a wonderful book on Erlang, so I decided to dive into it.
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Unison File Synchronizer

Several years ago I had the need of keep in sync three computers.  After some questions on a java mailing list, a very smart guy suggested me Unison. Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It allows two … Continue reading
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Cafe Claude – San Francisco

If you are at San Francisco, I will suggest you Cafe Claude for a very good dinner. I have tried there a seared ahi tuna and a very nica peppercorn sauce, leaving on the table only 40$, but with a … Continue reading
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Java in un Espresso, Parte III: April

Nei precedenti articoli abbiamo visto come creare un applicazione Java agile, evitando il blasone delle specifiche J2EE. Dopo aver valutato (scartandola) una soluzione 2-tier molto simile a quelle fattibili in PHP, ci siamo focalizzati su una soluzione basata su Spring. … Continue reading
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Java Espresso, parte II

A Gioorgi.com abbiamo una sezione di ricerca e sviluppo, dove abbiamo la necessità di provare diversi tipi di ambienti in situazioni live: prova e ti riprova, abbiamo consolidato una certa esperienza in soluzioni Java Enterprise a “consumo ridotto”. In questa … Continue reading
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