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Restaurant Man

Joe Bastianich è famoso in Italia come giudice di Master Chef. Joe è di origine triestina, e figlio d’arte, per cosí dire: suo padre e sua madre sono famosi ristoratori. Il libro si presenta in modo molto discorsivo (sembra quasi … Continue reading
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C# 4.0 in a Nutshell

My Big Company asked me to develop a small-sized application using C# and WebForms. The Customer was a big Italian Bank, and it asked for that technology: I was chosen because of my Java seniority, but I was zero on … Continue reading
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Mercurial: The Definitive Guide

Mercurial, The Definitive Guide I Love Version Control Software, as I like programming languages. So even if “Mercurial, The definitive guide” was published months ago, I asked O’Reilly to review it. The Bryan O’Sullivan book is very compact, and will … Continue reading
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Safari Books On line (English version)

After a long experience with O’Reilly, we decided to try their service “Safari Books Online”. This article will explore the pros and cons of this courageous service, which we believe will give you many satisfactions. La versione italiana di questo … Continue reading
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Clojure Review

Book review by Stefano Fago: This book introduce one of most interesting  language of new wave of functional programming. You will find a complete overview of clojure language focusing in functional paradigm that can be the real obstacle for a … Continue reading
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Erlang Book Review

After reading an interesting article on Erlang  and Java interoperability, I have decided to dedicate my spare time to Erlang. O’Reilly has just published a wonderful book on Erlang, so I decided to dive into it.
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