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In the previous article we introduced the reader to the bug tracking tools.

In this article we will analyze Mantis, an open source bug tracking tool
It is very important to stress you are going to use much more time to set up an open source bug tracking tool. A fraction of this time is for setting it up, but the vast majority of your time will be spent setting it up, customizing it and recovering information on it.


Mantis is a bug tracking software written  in PHP and MySQL. It is very fast to set up, and it has nice feature like:

  1. Very good administration interfaces. You can create projects, subprojects, users and so on.
    For every user you can assign different roles for each project
  2. For every project you can define custom fields, with a very huge set of properties (like “mandatory flag”, and so on. You can also copy custom fields from one project to another, in a simple way
  3. It is possible to customize the workflow, at least at some extend.

Like Bugzilla, the search interface is too complex and can be a pain for an end user, but it is a step forward simplicity


  • Easy to set up, very fast.
  • Design of email alerting is good
  • The project configuration is a snap.


  • Very ugly interface.
  • Documentation is not organically organized, and finding something is not easy.
    Even installation instructions are under the stardard

5 thoughts on “Mantis bug tracking tool 1

  1. I dont think easy installation is one of the pros.

    I have been trying the installation procedure for a couple of days now and not yet successful. There is no clear documentation available as to how to install it

  2. Yes, the documentation is too a "work in progress" and it is quite bad. I have done a very basic installation, for an internal project. We didn't use so much options, but we have no trouble.

  3. I've been working on Mantis from recent past. The tool looks great and have better integration with other test management tools. I tried the integration with Test link. Everything looks smooth.

    I am not able to figure out the email notifications in Mantis. A new user signs up, He is not getting any mail from Mantis.

    How do I fix this issue?

  4. Hi,

    I have installed Testlink 1.7.5 and Mantis 1.1.6 and both are working perfectly fine on theit own.I want to integrate the two but even aftre following the instructions,I have not been possible to do so.Please help ASAP.

    Below is a description of what I have done :

    Mantis :

    Server name : localhost

    Database name : db_mantis

    Username : root

    Password : ' '

    Testlink :

    Server name :localhost

    Database name : testlink

    Username : priya

    Password : admin

    Steps Followed :

    In thetestlink-> mantis.cfg.php file :

    /** The DB host to use when connecting to the mantis db */

    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_HOST', 'localhost');

    /** The name of the database that contains the mantis tables */

    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_NAME', 'db_mantis');

    /** The DB type being used by mantis

    values: mysql,mssql,postgres


    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_TYPE', 'mysql');

    /** The DB password to use for connecting to the mantis db */

    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_USER', 'root');

    define('BUG_TRACK_DB_PASS', '');


    // define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET',"gb2312");

    // define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET',"UTF-8");

    Created anonymous account with viewer access to all projects :

    username : test

    password :

    In mantis->config_inc.php :

    # Allow anonymous login

    $g_allow_anonymous_login = ON;

    $g_anonymous_account = 'test';

    In :

    /** [Bug Tracking systems] */


    * TestLink uses bugtracking systems to check if displayed bugs resolved, verified,

    * and closed bugs. If they are it will strike through them



    * NO : no bug tracking system integration

    * BUGZILLA : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/bugzilla.cfg.php

    * MANTIS : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/mantis.cfg.php

    * JIRA : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/jira.cfg.php

    * TRACKPLUS : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/trackplus.cfg.php

    * EVENTUM : edit configuration in TL_ABS_PATH/cfg/eventum.cfg.php



    This is how i did it :

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