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Numworks saddest day

Lets face it handheld calculators are over priced: a Black and White Casio fx-9860-GIII is priced around 85€ but has only 64kb of working RAM. Texas Instruments one costs even more. Numworks offered a color display, 256Kb of RAM and … Continue reading
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After creating Misterio, I found this alternative called HarborMaster: Harbormaster is a small utility that lets you easily deploy multiple Docker-Compose applications on a single host. It does this by taking a list of git repository URLs that contain Docker … Continue reading
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Cassandra Compendium

Apache Cassandra Compendium, pasting together documentation from
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Perché Evangelion 3+1 non mi è piaciuto (pochi spoiler)

E’ con rammarico che scrivo queste note, e ripoto qui solo le mie opinioni a “caldo”  Iniziamo dai lati postivi: Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time è disegnato benissimo, un film degno del 2021. Anche lo stile è molto avanzato: … Continue reading
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K8s done right Part 1: start from helm charts

K8s is a very complex beast. But it give you a very good set of security defaults, and it is also a very well done implementation of a microservice application. After installing Docker Swarm on some Customer, we are giving … Continue reading
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Draghi Rules!

«L’appello a non vaccinarsi è un appello a morire»Mario Draghi rispondendo ad una domanda diretta di un giornalista, il 22 luglio   Premessa: benché disprezzi le fake news e le idee deirlanti, posso comprendere chi non voglia vaccinarsi (per ragioni … Continue reading
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