After creating Misterio, I found this alternative called HarborMaster:

Harbormaster is a small utility that lets you easily deploy multiple Docker-Compose applications on a single host.

It does this by taking a list of git repository URLs that contain Docker Compose files and running the Compose apps they contain. It will also handle updating/restarting the apps when the repositories change.


Do you have a work server that you want to run a few small services on, but don’t want to have to manually manage it? Do you find that having every deployment action be in a git repo more tidy?

Harbormaster is for you.

If you need a more resource-friendly solution compared to k8s, Harbormaster is a solution to try: it is a good set of feature and can be a winner.

Compared to Misterio it add some more dependencies (Misterio needs onybash,  ssh daemon and docker on the target machine), so stick with what you prefer.