In the past 20 years I worked on a huge set of projects.
Here the one I think are useful


TIC-80 is a fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games. 211 forks. 2,213 stars. 279 open issues. Recent commits: android build fixes, Nesbox added piano hex numbers to help enter values, Nesbox added console dragging, Nesbox typo fix, Nesbox fixed Visual Studio 2019 compilation warnings, Nesbox  

Commodore Retro Magic Dream: Pyc64 supports I/O on real emulation

I am happy to announce pyc64 now supports save and load programs on top of real emulation. Irmen point me to the right code to look, and I implemented the fix in the weekend; happy hacking!   Commodore-64 simulator in pure Python 5 forks. 37 stars. 1 open issues. Recent commits: Merge pull request …

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MacBookPro 2009 & macOS 10.8 save diary

Nove anni fa, e nove mesi prima della nascita di mio figlio comperai un MacBook Pro mid-2009, da 2.53Ghz con Intel Core 2 Duo (“Penryn” da 2.53 GHz  codice P8700) Oltre a funzionare ancora adesso, ha subito un upgrade con disco SSD Smasung 840 PRO, con un kit molto ben fatto che rimpiazzava il masterizzartore …

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Commander X16: retro magic dream

Some time ago I mentioned the Pyc64 project, a “differently emulated” C/64. There’s a much more ambitious project that’s going under pressure, it’s called Commander X 16. Commander X 16 has been started by David Murray and three other guys. David’s desire was to create an 8-bit computer similar to the C/64 but a little …

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This is a VGA library for ESP8266. To use this library you need only 1 resistor and one DSUB15 connector. VGA signal generation based on (thanks for your awesome works). [….] The library implement a 512x480px framebuffer with 1bpp, where each pixel is stored as a single bit. The framebuffer is stored inside RAM and require …

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Coming soon 8 Bit computers: from 1977 to 1985

Hi all! I decided to write a book called “8-Bit Computers: Retro computer history in the ’80”. It is my first book on this topic, so I need you comments & advices! A small extract is right here for download. You will be able to buy the Kindle edition for little as € 0,99 by …

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C64 Kernal and ROM Hacking

Michael Steil just published a repository you can actually USE to hack C64 Kernal and ROM. A nice idea you can play with using VICE emulator… Commodore 64 BASIC and KERNAL Source 15 forks. 87 stars. 2 open issues. Recent commits: Makefile: fix checksum generation for basic.bin (#1)The Makefile executes some shell commands to …

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Georg Rottensteiner C64Studio

Ok this is a bit embarassing! Even in 2019, there is a IDE for C/64 which is still mantained! C64 Studio is a full .NET IDE which can connect to [Win]Vice for debugging. It seems Deutsche guys are very strong on C/64 Developmenet on these days….