In the past 20 years I worked on a huge set of projects.
Here the one I think are useful

esp8266 webImport

UPDATED and BUGFIXED! MicroPython Repl command line is very nice, because you can telnet to the chip and read-and-evaluate python code. It is a great way of learning embedded IoT. The bad thing you cannot copy file while it is running, so experimenting get bad. Also an automatic module update would be a very nice thing to …

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IoT Async

Qualche mese fa avevo sviluppato una applicazione IoT per misurare la temperatura e spedire i dati ad una coda mqtt. Poi c’era uns server che colelzzionava i dati. Totale: tre server, con tre punti di fallimento ma architettura molto “cool” In effetti però la potenza dei moderni chip embedded è tale che è possibile implementare …

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Esp8266 Music Machine

After months of esp8266 experimentation, I “just” discovered this little chip has also a I2S Audio digital interface. To discover it you must install the Arduino IDE adapter and code directly in C++ (brr, ok not a breeze but not boring like Java :) I2S is a digital protocol to send your digital  music to …

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Arduino Real Time OS Evolution (flash news)

A new version of an Arduino Realtime OS is on the go: Arduino AVR ChibiOS/Nil Library forks.13 stars.5 open issues.Recent commits: Update to ChibiOS 17.6.0, Bill Greiman Fix include case error, Bill Greiman Initial commit, Bill Greiman :confetti_ball: Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files, Bill Greiman I have used with profit and fun NilRTOS, and I …

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