In the past 20 years I worked on a huge set of projects.
Here the one I think are useful

Georg Rottensteiner C64Studio

Ok this is a bit embarassing! Even in 2019, there is a IDE for C/64 which is still mantained! C64 Studio is a full .NET IDE which can connect to [Win]Vice for debugging. It seems Deutsche guys are very strong on C/64 Developmenet on these days….

Introduction to org mode parser

Org-mode is an Emacs mode for keeping notes, maintaining To-do lists, doing project planning, and authoring with a fast and effective plain-text system. Node.js is a event-based server for the V8 JavaScript Engine. So Org Mode Parser for Nodejs is a parser for reading org-mode files. Follow OrgMode updates and news clicking on this link …

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Z80 Retro Computing with Arduino

The ZilogZ80 CPU is an 8-bit based microprocessor. It was introduced by Zilog in 1976 as the startup company’s first product. The Z80 was conceived by Federico Faggin in late 1974. The Z80 was software compatible (!) with the Intel 8080 machine language. It added several extensions and was the heart of the ZX Spectrum. Zilog Z80 is the chip who powered half of the ’80 microcomputers. …

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IoT Async

Qualche mese fa avevo sviluppato una applicazione IoT per misurare la temperatura e spedire i dati ad una coda mqtt. Poi c’era uns server che collezionava i dati. Totale: tre server, con tre punti di fallimento ma architettura molto “cool” In effetti però la potenza dei moderni chip embedded è tale che è possibile implementare …

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Stereo Sid 2.0.6 update

After a bunch of years, I am happy to announce StereoSID 2.0.6 is here to stay. It spots a new sid_player example and some optimization on the I2C implementation. MOS6581 SID Emulator Arduino Library with stereo capability 2 forks. 22 stars. 1 open issues. Recent commits: Merge pull request #3 from per1234/keywords_txt-multiple-tabsUse a single …

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Esp8266 Music Machine

After months of esp8266 experimentation, I “just” discovered this little chip has also a I2S Audio digital interface. To discover it you must install the Arduino IDE adapter and code directly in C++ (brr, ok not a breeze but not boring like Java :) I2S is a digital protocol to send your digital  music to …

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Arduino Real Time OS Evolution (flash news)

A new version of an Arduino Realtime OS is on the go: Arduino AVR ChibiOS/Nil Library 3 forks. 17 stars. 5 open issues. Recent commits: Update to ChibiOS 17.6.0, Bill Greiman Fix include case error, Bill Greiman Initial commit, Bill Greiman :confetti_ball: Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files, Bill Greiman I have used with profit …

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Org Mode parser 0.1.3 is out!

Beauty (OrgMode Parser 0.1.3) is here to stay! OrgMode parser is a small nodeJS library to parse Emacs OrgMode files (more info at this link). This version features: Fixed empty header issue Code Cleanup Migration from jade to pug2 (new name of jade) Added optional logging framework (winston) Also I’d like to thank all the …

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Oracle SQL Developer Keep Alive plugin

On some environment, on some customers, Oracle connections are drop after some idle time (i.e. 2 minutes). I have found a small plugin for Sql Developer to solve this issue: it is very handy and logs its usage. Code is also very clean