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SQLite, again (updated)

… might assist with specific queries, were they present in the database.

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Simple method to add historic feature to SQLite

… method that respects the dictates of relational theory & is easy to understand. As a plus we will show it on SQLite, a small but powerful database system.
Authors: Ernesto Ghetti (idea), Giovanni Giorgi (Exhibition and demo trigger)
Let’s suppose …

SQLite Oracle Compatibility Layer

The Sqlite Oracle Compatibility Functions is an experimental compatibility layer for SQLite vs Oracle, written in Python 3.

It aims to provide a minimal compatibility with Oracle. The need was having some regular expression functions, and I do not like …

SQLite alter table

SQLite is a small, powerful embedded database. A friend of mine started using it about six years ago.
Some years ago it comes also on top of  Python 2.5.
It is used inside

FileMaker Bento: its ultra customized model …

SQLite Tool-set

… It runs as a background process and safely replicates changes incrementally to another file or S3. Litestream only communicates with SQLite through the SQLite API so it will not corrupt your database.
Dqlite (distributed SQLite) extends SQLite across a cluster …

I big data sono passati di moda?

… chiamato Duckdb, che e’ open source ed e’ “embedded”, nel senso che si ispira molto al modo di funzionare di SQLite.
L’articolo sottolinea come uno degli argomenti piu’ forti dietro la commercializzazione di sistemi BigData (come BigQuery, MongoDB ecc …

Evil Open Source

… must attract developers and dive them.
The most pure class is the

Incredible Free Class
Create a free product, document and keep providing support for it.
Sell additional services (like Professional Support & Extension Products) and live happy.
Notable examples: SQLite

Smart Sync

… tables.
In the last years I evolved it to be able to support a special use case called “dump to SQLite“.
I am a sqlite fan, and sometimes I need to stage data for Data Warehouse study or simple for …