RetroGames TheC64 (BIG)

It is already history, and you can read my review there. But if you like to try it yourself, you can order the C/64 Replica below. PS: if you wait some time, I predict it will ha a sale price of 40% of more, in a couple of months…versus the current 104€ retail price.

Alexa Easy

Alexa Easy free you from your daunting social tasks. Let Alexa Easy  take a pause (break up) with your partner or organize a funding event with guys you did not call in the last ten years, and regain credibility.Personal life mixed up with job responsabilities? Let Alexa Easy fire your best friends, with a nice hug. …

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Git History Squash for fun and profit

Suppose you are developing a boring Jenkins pipline (like Jenkinsfile-s) with no time at all. You are forced to commit and then run the jenkins pipeline. Jenkins download the code from your LOCAL repository. To avoid commit& push roundtrip you are using the simple git daemon command to expose your local repository to jenkins. So …

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Alexa Red

Alexa Red is a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform to manage your “red projects”. Let Alexa Red organize your work progress meeting, manage angry customers and regain credibility. Alexa Red cannot be stressed by customers, and will always have a nice word for them. Zen Mode – Now in preview: As your applications become more …

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Avoid Kafka if unsure (think twice series)

Some co-workers started using Apache Kafka con a bunch of our Customers. Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Initially conceived as a messaging queue, Kafka is based on an abstraction of a distributed commit log[*]. To get this goal, Apache Kafka needs a complex …

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Alexa Echo Dot: prime impressioni

Questo post ha due scopi: informarvi di un forte sconto su Alexa Echo Dot e darvi le mie prime impressioni su Alexa. Echo Dot è in vendita con uno sconto di quasi il 70%, questo vuol dire che per 20 euro potete ottenere uno speaker Alexa con microfono integrato!

Lo statista a nudo: Matteo & Matteo

Un paio di riflessioni sugli ultimi due mesi di eventi, che invitabilmente coinvolgono due giovani capi politici e aspiranti statisti Matteo Salvini La caduta del governo ad agosto, dal Papeete Beatch era una azione politicamente lecita. Peccato non che vi fosse nessuna ragione forte per attuarla. Il dietrofront, e l’offerta addirittura del premierato a Di …

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Docker tips

Use docker in docker to drive docker from a container Working under windows, sometimes docker slow down. Sometimes you need to access to the MobyVM. With this line: docker run –rm -ti -v “/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock” -v /:/host docker sh you run a container which will removed upon exit. This container can access to docker daemon (via …

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Rust Programming Language

I have done a quick peek of the Rust Programming language: it is very popular on Internet, it rivals with Go on the popularity score. Anyway, I find it too much “Haskell-like”, with heavy rules and concept.  

Commander X16: retro magic dream

Some time ago I mentioned the Pyc64 project, a “differently emulated” C/64. There’s a much more ambitious project that’s going under pressure, it’s called Commander X 16. Commander X 16 has been started by David Murray and three other guys. David’s desire was to create an 8-bit computer similar to the C/64 but a little …

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