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Next.js: Give it a Try!

I was trying to explore a way to build a client/server application in Typescript; after some failed experiments, I found something better: Next.js offer the ability to build a React application and to render server-side its dynamic components. So you can … Continue reading
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Mac Maitenance

Keyboard cleaning Other Keyboard tear-down or repair instructions
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K8s Cheats and insight

How to reboot a k8s pod/deployment kubectl rollout restart deployment <deployment_name> -n <namespace> How to show helm history helm history -n <namespace> <deployment>
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Git Servers for your very secret projects

Hosting a Git repository can be a strong need if you want to keep your projects outside the cloud providers. Keep in mind security offered by GitHub, GitLab and Cloud providers like AWS, MS-Azure, etc are damn good (often offering … Continue reading
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GPT-NeoX-20B, a 20 billion parameter model trained in collaboration with CoreWeave. From Refer to GitHub project for references We tried it in the playground and the model seems quite impressive. Sadly the model is very very big, so it seems … Continue reading
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Mainim engine behind 3Blue1Brown videos

Manim is an animation engine for explanatory math videos. It’s used to create precise animations programmatically, as demonstrated in the videos of 3Blue1Brown.
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Bash Regular expression replace (regexp)

You can easily use bash to search-and-replace on variables… f="/home/alice/" $ echo ${f//.md/.pdf} /home/alice/myfile.pdf $ echo ${f//alicee/bob} /home/alice/ $ echo ${f////-}  
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