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Can you make teacher disappear?

Voglio ricordare la Regina Elisabetta II come ce l’ha “disegnata”  Peppa Pig, con quel pizzico di humor inglese, come quando la sovrana sa gestire domande “scottanti” come l’eventualità di poter far “sparire” gli insegnanti…  
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Secure your machines, now

Ukraine War brings pain, blood and a lot of human losses. Ukraine War brings also a spike in cyber attacks, perhaps because Russian is using it like a weapon to destabilize Europe and Ukraine. In this scenario, it is crucial … Continue reading
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Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime

As a mid-life greabeard that started my career on Z/OS / MVS writing JCL and running COBOL and SAS jobs, I like JavaScript. It doesn’t have the obtuseness of C, the ultra-strict type-checking of Pascal, the verbosity of COBOL, class … Continue reading
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Next.js: Give it a Try!

I was trying to explore a way to build a client/server application in Typescript; after some failed experiments, I found something better: Next.js offer the ability to build a React application and to render server-side its dynamic components. So you can … Continue reading
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Mac Maitenance

Keyboard cleaning Other Keyboard tear-down or repair instructions
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K8s Cheats and insight

How to reboot a k8s pod/deployment kubectl rollout restart deployment <deployment_name> -n <namespace> How to show helm history helm history -n <namespace> <deployment>
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Git Servers for your very secret projects

Hosting a Git repository can be a strong need if you want to keep your projects outside the cloud providers. Keep in mind security offered by GitHub, GitLab and Cloud providers like AWS, MS-Azure, etc are damn good (often offering … Continue reading
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