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PiHole Lockdown

Securing our privacy, defending our rights is increasing becoming difficult. Who can refrain from using Facebook or GMail nowedays? No one. But my printer downloads update, track down my paper usage too often from my taste. We already reviewed PiHole in the past. After some trial and error, here my suggestions Do not put PiHole …

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HP 42s the BEST calculator and its FAST MODE

The HP 42S accompanied me throughout my university career, secretly designed for me some function graphs and with its 7KB alphanumeric also managed to make me keep some secret notes. I bought it on December 5, 1992, paying it 229,000 lire, a year before I started university (about 200€ now considering inflation * ). I …

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The end of the Database Mangement System as we know it

In Microservices architecture, you decompose your services in a set of fine-grained services. These services are full-stack software, from front end API down to database layer. Each microservice is responsible and owns its data. For instance if you have a MovieInventory service and a CheckIn/Checkout services, they must communicate each other via API. To search …

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AWS ECS is NOT Docker Swarm

Amazon Elastic Container services (ECS) is the Amazon Solution for running  docker containers on Amazon. ECS is not a docker swarm implementation. I am writing this article to stress this, because this point is not very clear digging in the tutorials (it is explained a bit in the question “What is the difference between Docker Swarm, …

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The Single-Point-of-Failure called “Cloudflare”

On Friday one of the biggest content delivery network (CDN) had a configuration issue on its DNS, causing a global outrage for about half an hour. Hacker news has a long thread about it, but the embarrassing point is a lot of services was affected (Patreon, npmjs, DigitalOcean, Coinbase, Zendesk, Medium, GitLab…) including healthcheck 3-thrd …

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QB64: basic Revenge

Quick Basic64 is a QBasic compatible programming language actively mantained. It produce C-compiled code and works under Linux and MacOS too. It resemble the original QBasic IDE, and supports its dialect. If you have some old qbasic code to “update”, QB64 is your best friend:Give it a try!


Idempotent and minimal python 3 library for rapid scripting. Provide support for creating file, adding data to them, patching and so on. Why? (Ba)sh scripting is very easy to setup. So we end up using it all the time for simple procedural script. Sometimes is it useful to have idempotent script, like Ansible and Saltstack …

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