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Commodore Retro Magic Dream: Pyc64 supports I/O on real emulation

I am happy to announce pyc64 now supports save and load programs on top of real emulation. Irmen point me to the right code to look, and I implemented the fix in the weekend; happy hacking!   Commodore-64 simulator in pure Python https://github.com/irmen/pyc64 3 forks. 35 stars. 1 open issues. Recent commits: Merge pull request …

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Mail Server on Docker (UPDATED)

Hosting your own email server is not a mandatory task; it increase your attack surface too. But relaying too much on big emails provider (Gmail, Outlook, Aruba, Fastmail) could be a risk for our democracy. For instance, who decide how Spam is managed (i.e. what could be a Spam email)? Can we trust big providers? Email …

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How to monitor MySQL / MariaDB query progress

How to monitor MySQL / MariaDB query progressThe progress indicator of MySQL or MariaDB long-running commands and queries is extremely extremely and frustratingly coarse. In an index update I’m running now it was stuck in the same state for more than three hours. Thankfully, the pmonitor tool allows us to precisely monitor the progress of …

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RetroGames TheC64 (BIG)

It is already history, and you can read my review there. But if you like to try it yourself, you can order the C/64 Replica below. PS: if you wait some time, I predict it will ha a sale price of 40% of more, in a couple of months…versus the current 104€ retail price.

Alexa Easy

Alexa Easy free you from your daunting social tasks. Let Alexa Easy  take a pause (break up) with your partner or organize a funding event with guys you did not call in the last ten years, and regain credibility.Personal life mixed up with job responsabilities? Let Alexa Easy fire your best friends, with a nice hug. …

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Git History Squash for fun and profit

Suppose you are developing a boring Jenkins pipline (like Jenkinsfile-s) with no time at all. You are forced to commit and then run the jenkins pipeline. Jenkins download the code from your LOCAL repository. To avoid commit& push roundtrip you are using the simple git daemon command to expose your local repository to jenkins. So …

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Alexa Red

Alexa Red is a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform to manage your “red projects”. Let Alexa Red organize your work progress meeting, manage angry customers and regain credibility. Alexa Red cannot be stressed by customers, and will always have a nice word for them. Zen Mode – Now in preview: As your applications become more …

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Avoid Kafka if unsure (think twice series)

Some co-workers started using Apache Kafka con a bunch of our Customers. Apache Kafka is a community distributed event streaming platform capable of handling trillions of events a day. Initially conceived as a messaging queue, Kafka is based on an abstraction of a distributed commit log[*]. To get this goal, Apache Kafka needs a complex …

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Ansible rulez!

In the last weekend I needed to restore my RasperryPi service box. It is a raspberrypi 2 which mostly make backups of my blogs. Its microSD card gets corrupted, forcing me a full reinstall. I decided to try to make everything via Ansible. I have already a strong experience with Saltstack, another software used to …

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The dark side of eLearning

My company gave me access to a bunch of Skillport course. Courses was on Kafka and Docker and was rather old (2015). But the very bad thing was the absolute shabby approach of the course. For instance to explain the use of Docker Label metadata (1 concept+ 1 command line example) Skillport proposed a 23 …

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