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Things worth reading1

Things this week was worth reading: Nine ways lego has changed in the last years We are alone in the universe?, this article give us some insights. Books we are reading: an industrial design guide for everyone  
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Data Driven Form in angular

  JSON Schema is a vocabulary that allows you to annotate and validate JSON documents. Benefits Describes your existing data format(s). Provides clear human- and machine- readable documentation. Validates data which is useful for: Automated testing. Ensuring quality of client submitted data. On top of … Continue reading
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OCI Autonomous Database: Change MEDIUM Service Concurrency Limit

On Oracle Autonomous Database (Oracle Cloud DB service), the consumer groups of the predefined service names provide different levels of performance and concurrency. How do you tune this limits? From the Autonomous Database details page, click Service Console. On the Service Console click Administration. … Continue reading
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K8s done right Part 2: Istio service Mesh

In this second article, I suggest to explore further two simple helm chart for getting a bit more inside K8s.   Grafana Loki is a horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus. It is designed to be very … Continue reading
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RTM/Z80 is a multitasking kernel, built for Z80 based computers, written in Z80 assembly language, providing its users with an Application Programming Interface (API) accessible from programs written in the C language and the Z80 assembly language. It is intended … Continue reading
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Slackware lives!

Slackware was my first real distro in 1995 and I am happy it is still alive and kicking. It was a floppy disk based distribution. So you end up filling about 20 disks (!) of 1.44MB to install and boot … Continue reading
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8 Bit computers: 2022 Edition!

Due to COVID19 pandemic, I and my family was forced in our home. So I revamped my 8bit computer book, with a new look and a nice search engine.
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