Numworks saddest day

Lets face it handheld calculators are over priced: a Black and White Casio fx-9860-GIII is priced around 85€ but has only 64kb of working RAM.

Texas Instruments one costs even more.

Numworks offered a color display, 256Kb of RAM and a good GUI at 80€, the same price for a B/W slow Casio entry level. It was the best “Bang for the buck” also for the ability to enable CAS’s extensions, via flashing a open source kernel; it was until today….

Numworks running Omega custom build

Because someone abused the Numworks operating system (cheating under the “exam mode”), the company decided to “close” it, putting an end to the high customization you was able to achive. Omega was one of the most advanced custom kernel you can put on Numworks. The following discord message was published yesterday to inform Omega developers and user about their decision. Today is a sad day for Numworks: even if we understand the reasons behind their lock-in decision, we think they are losing the opportunity to build a great product around a vibrant community of teachers and smart guys.