Open Source for the Infrastructure

At, after working with a lot with software for over twenty years,  we have envisioned a clear idea about open source. This is the first article of a series tagged “opensource”: let’s start! Richard Stallman Vision, based on GNU open source idea, is too radical from our point of view. Stallman GNU License is based …

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Percorso Formativo Completo

(Updated on 2014,2018) Programma suggerito del percorso formativo: Object Oriented Programming (OOP) & Java Hollywood Principle, “don’t call us, we’ll call you”. Struts 1.2 e succ Hibernate, speed intro. Consulenza Articolo: Customers Don’t Know What They Want. Stop Expecting Customers to Know What They Want. Design Patterns e modellazione CRC Cards Wikipedia definition ToolBox as …

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fileCounter version 0.1

We are happy to release filecounter_0.1 File counter is a small python script to scan files and get userful information. For instance: java  -wc scan all java files and get the total lines. You can add estension on command line, and invoke internal commands via the proper option. This is a beta release.

Network computer: revisited

The Network Computer was a bad idea born in the middle of the ’90, and ended up to be completly wrong. Anyway, the current software tecnologhy (like AJAX, Google Gears, the psedo-new-ms-windows os called midori) can be helpuful to sketch a new idea of operating system. The network computer fails because it pretends to store …

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After a bit of working, the projects section of is coming into life. Gioorgi Team is looking forward the 2009 to finalize the research projects. Feel free to leave your comments and ideas below, or in the Guestbook at the right.