Exploring a 23 years old code base: LambdaMoo MUD Part 2

In this second article I will continue my jorney on LambdaMoo code base. The C code is very well written. Sometimes the API abuse global variable to avoid passing around identifier like output database file descriptor or the like. Because a lot of the system has been written in the Moo language, the core is …

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Exploring a 23 years old code base: LambdaMoo MUD Part 1

On these days my greek daemon (the one which talk to me about deep nerd programming) was interested on LambdaMoo. LambdaMoo is an Object Oriented Multi User Dungeon born back in 1995. A MUD was a text based system you log in, talk with other, create adventures and so on. LambdaMoo has a script language …

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Meltdown and Spectre

Meltdown and Spectre are two big vulnearbilities found in Intel and AMD chips out of there. The vulenarbility is so huge it affects up to 1995 chips. On the raspberrypi, there is a very nice explanation of what Meltdown is. First of all, the one who discovered this bug is a GENIUS, for sure. The …

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Vjdbc is a remote access for JDBC-Datasources developed more then ten years ago (last news are from 2007, with last comit from 2013. The project was migrated to Maven 3, but the code base is very old. I decided to give it a try, spin a github repository and started working on it, because you …

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Oracle SQL Developer Keep Alive plugin

On some environment, on some customers, Oracle connections are drop after some idle time (i.e. 2 minutes). I have found a small plugin for Sql Developer to solve this issue: it is very handy and logs its usage. Code is also very clean  

La mia esperienza nell’open source

Nel 2011,  per studiare node js creai un progetto chiamato OrgModeParser. Org Mode è un package per l’editor Emacs, ed è pensato per tenere note strutturate, pianificare progetti con una schedulazione, mantenere una lista di cose da fare e generare poi documenti word o html da tali file in modo piuttosto efficace. Il package è …

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AngularJS alterantive: Micro JavaScript framework on the 2017

AngularJS is indeed a good framework, but if you lose some grip on it (i.e. you go in vacation for 2 weeks), it is very complex to re-grasp. Also I have seen junior JavaScript developer confused my $scope use. JavaScript on client side has damned destiny: it is too easy to develop a framework from …

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OOP is the your new legacy

Today I took a light rail with my son, to bring him to school. That tram is 90 years old. It has been maintained for 90 years. Milan city sold some of them to San Francisco too.

I am smarter syndrome

Sometimes in University I found bold young guy saying something like: I will reimplement this in machine language because is faster I will reimplement this xyz C function by my own My program crash, I think there is a bug in HP UNIX socket implementation I will ge rid of this Java Garbage Collector because …

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