At last Bing is not so bad

I have used Google in the past 8 years (I know, I am a bit old). Then I was annoyed because of a bad behavior of Google with my AdSense account (shutdown without being able to talk back to someone for explanation).

In the last month I tried Bing and I was happy with it. It is quite good as Google, it only lacks misspelling suggestions, but it works well. In the last week Google accused Bing to “copy” its results. It could be true, but this attack seems cover a fear by the Google’s Company  Guys  to its primary business, and I am not the only one to think so. Search engine and advertising was crucial four years ago.
Now competitors seem a threat to Google power, and Google fears them.

Google is very cool, but its strategy is confusing us: they are pushing Chrome, Android and a Google-sub-notebook. They sell paypal-like service, and also they want to set up a TV. What is their focus?
I am suspect when a company try to sell me too different goods…how can assure the overall quality? Will your Google Life be free?