Alexa Easy

Alexa Easy free you from your daunting social tasks. Let Alexa Easy  take a pause (break up) with your partner or organize a funding event with guys you did not call in the last ten years, and regain credibility.Personal life mixed up with job responsabilities? Let Alexa Easy fire your best friends, with a nice hug. …

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Alexa Red

Alexa Red is a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform to manage your “red projects”. Let Alexa Red organize your work progress meeting, manage angry customers and regain credibility. Alexa Red cannot be stressed by customers, and will always have a nice word for them. Zen Mode – Now in preview: As your applications become more …

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Alexa Echo Dot: prime impressioni

Questo post ha due scopi: informarvi di un forte sconto su Alexa Echo Dot e darvi le mie prime impressioni su Alexa. Echo Dot è in vendita con uno sconto di quasi il 70%, questo vuol dire che per 20 euro potete ottenere uno speaker Alexa con microfono integrato!