Alexa Red

Alexa Red :-§

Alexa Red is a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform to manage your “red projects”. Let Alexa Red organize your work progress meeting, manage angry customers and regain credibility.

Alexa Red cannot be stressed by customers, and will always have a nice word for them.

Zen Mode – Now in preview: As your applications become more unstable, you need to spend more effort in finding an exit strategy. Zen Mode will shield developers from insulting ticket, filtering out curse words, replacing them with Linked-In nice job opportunity.

Reduce operational overhead
With Alexa Red, there are no servers to provision, patch, and manage and there is no software to install, maintain, or operate. You can fire developer at will, if you like!
With Pay-or-Die extension, Alexa Red will launch a DDoS on the customer, ensuring a prompty revenge, if any.

Powerful Machine Learning at your command
The contract has charges on your side? Alexa Pindaric (still beta) will find out new ways to (legally!) decive the other parties. Just feed Pindaric with your outlook emails and contract details.

Recover via Insider Trading
Connect data from Bloomberg, New York Time and NYSE indexes: Alexa Red will place trading order to shift the trobles from your side to a global market apocalypse. Place order from Panama, to avoid persecution!

While your team plan a final rush, Alexa Red will keep your project safe and sound.
Pricing starts from 30$/hour for meeting.