What is  about Gioorgi.com?

Last Update: May 2011

We try to write a series of articles focused on the  programming languages and freedom. The subject is vast, our mayor articles are about software, economy and politic (mostly italian politic, anyway),

As a  plus, our old and evil italian and greek teachers (we have done classic study at the college)  talked all day about fundamental concepts like:

  • Bring proof of what you are saying
  • Be polite and compact and write in a correct grammar.
  • Be open to comments
  • Be ready to change your mind

We try to follow these rules in every piece of this site.

How is it big Gioorgi.com?

We plan to have over 300 articles for the end of 2009.
At the time of writing we have collected about 220 articles.

What is your preferred language?

For writing at Gioorgi.com, English is the preferred language (we have the vast majority of posts in English)

The other major language is  Italian, mostly used for politic-related articles.

Can I contribute?

For sure! Leave a request  on any page, along with an e-mail, and the Editorial board will contact you.
We suggest to write a small abstract (200 words or so) about what you want to write. English is the preferred language, but also Italian is allowed.

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