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This category groups the posts from the old blog.objectsroot.com which has been dismissed on August 2008.
This category exist for your convenience, to look at that article in an easy way.

Blog.ObjectsRoot.com migrated to Gioorgi / Blog.ObjectsRoot.com migrato su Gioorgi.com

English Announce: We are happy to announce all the content of blog.objectsroot.com has been migrated to Gioorgi.com. blog.objectsroot.com was  discontinued on August 2008 A total of over 80 articles written from july of 1999 to August 2008.For easy access use the ObjectsRoot.com Category   Annuncio in Italiano:   La redazione di Gioorgi.com è lieta di annunciare la migragione …

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Gioorgi is born

I am happy to annouce to the world a new website, which will substitute the old Vamp site It is Gioorgi.com, the italian blog of Giovanni Giorgi.Gioorgi.com will also spot a new technology "gym" during the year 2009. Stay tuned!

Site redesign

This article has been retained for hisorical reasons. In this article we refers to blog.Objectsroot.com a site discontinued on August 2008 After some time, I have decided to start redesigning the content and the look of ObjectsRoot.com I have slightly reduced the tags section, over-simplifying the access to my huge set of articles. With over …

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Boosting Squeak: RockSolid images

As some of you know, I was a Smalltalk fan&developer in the last twelve years. I have stopped working on smalltalk years ago… anyway, I am happy to  look forward the Squeak Smalltalk Community from time to time.

I republish here an original article posted by me on SqueakPeople, over 4 years ago.
The reason is simple: I am very happy to see a Squeak code fork called "Sapphire" which share most of my thoughts:

Sapphire wants to take a fresh look at the Smalltalk philosophy and current implementations. The idea is to produce high quality open-source packages that will be loadable on a micro kernel. 

 I will take a look to Sapphire, and you will find my throughts here in the next months.