Dynamic languages troubles

I have read and I think it is very danger way of exposing concepts.

In the article pointed out, the quite dead Chandler project is compared to the multi-billion Eclipse project. And then a too easy analysis is done against dynamic languages, where Java is the absolute winner.

I will try to fix some of the things said there, and to add also my two cents here :)

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Will Zend slash rubyonrails?

Let the Zend Framework introduce itself as a Borg would do:  "Hi dear RubyOnRails. Hi all. I am the Zend Framework, a small work (about  5 tons of code) done by IBM and Zend to destroy you. You think php Read more ›


Vi siete mai chiesti come si fa una crepes? Ebbene, il vostro blog di fiducia è qui per voi, cari e care singles!

Preparare crepes è una fantastica occasione per divertirsi con gli amici e/o dimostrare a papà e mammà che potete stare da soli un intero weekend senza morire di fame (la ricetta presentata può farvi sopravvivere in modo sano per 2, massimo 3 giorni).

Ma ora bando alle inutili ed ovvie ciance ed iniziamo:

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iPhone success is hard

iPhone is a very nice project, well designed and manufactered, but the market addressed is an hard bet for Apple.Big players are already on the ground: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony for instance. So it is difficult to play in such Read more ›