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K8s Cheats and insight

How to reboot a k8s pod/deployment kubectl rollout restart deployment <deployment_name> -n <namespace> How to show helm history helm history -n <namespace> <deployment>
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SQLite Tool-set

Random list of very interesting projects (will be updated, guys). I will add my own ideas/impression as soon as possible. From simpler to more complex stuff: sqlite-utils is a rather useful tool for managing SQLite databases, importing structured data and … Continue reading
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Git Servers for your very secret projects

Hosting a Git repository can be a strong need if you want to keep your projects outside the cloud providers. Keep in mind security offered by GitHub, GitLab and Cloud providers like AWS, MS-Azure, etc are damn good (often offering … Continue reading
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Stranger Things spacca! (no spoiler)

Stranger Things è una delle serie “cardine” di Netflix, creata nel 2015 e che festeggia in questi giorni la stagione 4. E’ importante perché è una proprietà intellettuale originale e completamente sotto il controllo di Netflix (che quindi può vendere … Continue reading
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