SQLite Tool-set

Random list of very interesting projects (will be updated, guys).

I will add my own ideas/impression as soon as possible.

From simpler to more complex stuff:

  1. sqlite-utils is a rather useful tool for managing SQLite databases, importing structured data and manipulating them from the command line
  2. A simple approach to use json, virtual column and indexes to get NoSQL features on SQLite
  3. Full text search FTS5
  4. Tools from datasette ecosystem (like DogSheep)
  5. Litestream
    Litestream is a standalone streaming replication tool for SQLite. It runs as a background process and safely replicates changes incrementally to another file or S3. Litestream only communicates with SQLite through the SQLite API so it will not corrupt your database.
  6. Dqlite (distributed SQLite) extends SQLite across a cluster of machines, with automatic failover and high-availability to keep your application running. It uses C-Raft, an optimised Raft implementation in C, to gain high-performance transactional consensus and fault tolerance while preserving SQlite’s outstanding efficiency and tiny footprint.
  7. Xlite: Query Excel and Open Document spreadsheets as SQLite virtual tables
    A lot of tools, from plugin like Xlite to command line export tools.

Extra feature you can find useful:

    SQLite uses duck-typing and it is very “elastic” on typing. Anyway in the more recent versions you can enable a “STRICT” typing, which does not work on date types, but can help to avoid mixing integer, real and strings in the same column…. see https://www.sqlite.org/stricttables.html