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Selling software which is of some value

At Gioorgi.com, after working with a lot with software for over twenty years,  we have envisioned a clear idea about open source. This is the second article of a series tagged “opensource”: the previous one is Open Source for the infrastructure; in such article we started to do some tiny consideration of the destiny of big closed huge framework. Things are getting bigger and bigger, and maintaining big code library is a high cost for software house

In the 2008, when I look at software I ask only a thing: to be simple. Embarrassingly simple. The success of Mac stuff (like ipods, macosx and so on) is based vastly on simple design of ready to use, not annoying stuff.

For this reason, the software is not anymore the focus. Core software should be open source: things like word process are not the future of the business. Things like FaceBook are the future of business.

What you try to sell is your GUI design experience (see things like FogBugz or WordPress), your networking idea (like Facebook), your focus on search agents (like Google, because too much information is useless by definition).

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Open Source for the Infrastructure

At Gioorgi.com, after working with a lot with software for over twenty years,  we have envisioned a clear idea about open source. This is the first article of a series tagged “opensource”: let’s start!

Richard Stallman Vision, based on GNU open source idea, is too radical from our point of view.

Stallman GNU License is based on a “copyleft” idea, which gives everyone the freedom to look at others’work, without taking credits for it. The license vision is very strict, so consulting is the natural option for an IT business based on GNU software, which is drived by Univestities, because of its basic freedom statement.
Closed and paid software is still widely used, but open source is the key for the next revolution; let’see why.

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fileCounter version 0.1

We are happy to release filecounter_0.1

File counter is a small python script to scan files and get userful information.

For instance:
fileCounter.py java  -wc

scan all java files and get the total lines.

You can add estension on command line, and invoke internal commands via the proper option. This is a beta release.

Brasil 1.2 Features Jython support!

After some testing, we are happy to release  brasilwin_1_2, which features Java Jython 2.5alpha3 support!

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Brasil4Win 1.1 and Jython 2.5a3: testing in progress

Because of the forthcoming release of Jython 2.5 (after an year of silence), we at Gioorgi.com are checking Brasil compatibility, right now.  What is Jython?… we read from the Jython website:

Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language Python written in 100% Pure Java, and seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. It thus allows you to run Python on any Java platform.

Jython 2.5 looks very promising, and we are planning Jython support for future Brasil releases.

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Brasil4Win 1.1 Long File Support

This bug fix release of brasil4windows give supports to very big zips (over 2Gb).
The fix is very trivial, but it is crucial if you plan to store big zips.
You can download brasilwin_1_1 clicking on this link.
Upgrade is higly recommended.
Zip64 extensions was disabled  because the default zip and unzip commands on Unix (the InfoZIP utilities) don’t support these extensions, as stated in the Python documentation.

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Projects ideas

Some random application ideas, for the RedScorpion section…

Inspired by the Italian Java User Group, I have done a “bet” on two simple project, to look forward them as a “projects for the user and not the technical guys”. The project are only idea at the time of writing, but if you think they can be good, leave a comment below. Bye :)
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