Brasil4Win 1.1 Long File Support

This bug fix release of brasil4windows give supports to very big zips (over 2Gb).
The fix is very trivial, but it is crucial if you plan to store big zips.
You can download brasilwin_1_1 clicking on this link.
Upgrade is higly recommended.
Zip64 extensions was disabled  because the default zip and unzip commands on Unix (the InfoZIP utilities) don’t support these extensions, as stated in the Python documentation.

Brasil4Windows is a small python script you can use to zip and backup your files on a regular basis.
It requires only Python 2.5 on your machine, and it is thinked to be light and fast.
For more information on brasil4windows, refer to the main release page of version 1.0.

The major strengths of Brasil4Windows is its openess: the zip file format can be  read on a variety of operating systems, while all backup system uses propietary file formats.