Brasil Windows Backup Script 1.0

We are happy to announce the first version of brasil for window, a small python backup script.

Brasil4Windows is a small python script you can use to zip and backup your files on a regular basis.
Brasil4Win offers:

  • LowLoad Backup. The script will try to pause under heavy load computer.
  • Fine-grained ETA using stored bytes AND passed time. It can print you a good extimation on when it will finish.
  • Skip-and-retry schema for locked files. Sometimes  under windows files are locked.
    Brasil4Win retry to open them from time to time.
  • Optimized for using Psyco:
    We suggest you to set it up psyco for on-the-fly compilation of the script. It rocks.
  • The script is released under GNU Public License License v2.0, so feel free to use it.

Usage & Installation Instructions

The script has been tested under Windows XP, but should work also under Unix.
Open the script and configure FILE_LIST, adding a list of all the directory you want to save. Configure the ZIP_DEST to the destination and the name of the backup zip. The final zip will contain also a copy of brasil4Win, so you can reuse it where you bring the backup.

Log messages

ETA:09:04:52 Files:50385 MB/SEC:24.5789527893 Min:24.0789527893

ETA shows the time in which brasil will end. The “Files” shows the number of files remaining to backup.

MB/SEC shows the estimated MB per second in real time.
“Min” show you the minimal value brasil4win wants to decide if there is a overloaded computer.
These two values are computed automatically.

Leave your comments idea and suggestions below.

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