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Some random application ideas, for the RedScorpion section…

Inspired by the Italian Java User Group, I have done a “bet” on two simple project, to look forward them as a “projects for the user and not the technical guys”. The project are only idea at the time of writing, but if you think they can be good, leave a comment below. Bye :)

Free Spam Killer

A proxy pop server, to mark spam. The spam marker will be organized like askimet: it will use a open service to find emails already marked as spam.

The user will be able to mark spam

The spam will have not false positive.
The commercial version will have dedicated (faster) servers.

Target: Professional Lawer, Email-one-use-per-week-people

Technology: Pure Ruby, Python or Perl. No java
Compare the old “Zoe” Project, now discontinued: zoe was a proxy server for emails written in Java.

Knowledge Server
Knowledge systems are complex and costs a lot.
The WikiKS will be an open source knowledge server, with a 1-step install. The server doesn’t need a database, and uses a light indexing system. It offers an ajax interfaces to simply create FAQ, guided procedures (with visual screenshots) and so on.
It has also a simple ajax-based CMS, for publishing small pages (for instance a news and a specific section)

Target: Corporate, Open Source organization

Technology: Pure Ruby, Python, Perl, or  Java
[If no Java, Lucene compatible library built upon PHP Zend]

The commercial support will provide additional plugin for enterprise (for instance, a oracle/db2 optimized backend).

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2 Responses to Projects ideas

  1. Bruno Bossla says:

    Free Spam Killer

    Why about starting from current Zoe implementation? The open-source project seems dead ( ), maybe it's possible to start from the existing codebase

    Knowledge Server

    What about evolving into commercial an existing open wiki implementation? I'm a committer of vqwiki ( ) and I think it could be a starting point

  2. Hi Bruno, Thank you for your hints! Zoe source code is still available via sourceforge.

    And about veryquickwiki, I am looking forward it!

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