Cat Project Utilities (OLD)

Cat is a set of work done by Giovanni Giorgi: BWolf, Squeak SmallTalk utilities, Java Novocaine prototyping engine.

Package Release Date  ~~~ ~~  Status  ~~ ~~~ Downloads
BWolf bwolf-1.1 September 17, 2006 Stable Download
CelesteAddressBook CelesteAddressBook1.3 July 25, 2003 Discontiued Download
LogEngine 2 January 30, 2004 Mantained by Keith Hodges
from November 2008
Novocaine 1.1 June 25, 2005 Exercise, stable Download
SeasideApps SIForgeWizard1.0 July 25, 2003 Discontiued Download
simplemarks 1.0 July 20, 2003 Discontiued Download

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