Spammers, hi everyone!

Hi dear spammers, as you know I love your stupid attempts to bomb blogging sites.
Your informations is so useless that also free blog software had adopted very strong anti-spam systems. The Tools running on are the following:

  • Askimet, the standard tool here
  • Bad Behavior, used only to enforce your destiny, dear spammer
  • and finally, the big Giovanni is constantly improving his personal anti-spam system, called “blue dragon”, born in the 2007. When the first beta for wordpress will be out, you will see it in the Projects page!

At we are glad to see spammers loosing their time tring to get some poor bucks from this  stupid activity.

We  hope do they click on my google adverties sometimes, as true friends of mine?
Keep in touch for the upcoming release of Blue Dragon for the 2009!

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